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The Venetian Causeway, the throw-back to old Miami, connects Miami to Miami Beach.
It is one of my all-time favorite roads to drive. After being under construction for what seemed like forever (first the west bridge and then the east bridge), the causeway finally opened up recently, with smooth roads traversing the Venetian Islands. The Causeway offers its gorgeous views to South Beach locals and visitors once again. With the picturesque water surrounding the classic white bridges and incredibly charming homes aligning the entire causeway and each of the four islands, the Venetian is a true Miami marvel for everyone to appreciate.

After a long day of work, I find myself hopping into my 2017 Toyota Corolla to make my way back home to the beach. I made it a point to move to SoBe for many reasons, but the drive to and from work was definitely a big factor in my decision making. We all experience daily stresses and we all relieve them in different types of ways. For me, as I've said before, taking a nice, long drive is at the top of my relaxation list. However, there is a big difference between driving up a boring old dirt road and driving through the Venetian. The water which separates work on the mainland from home on the beach provides just the therapeutic work-life transition I love.  I've learned to appreciate where I live for its true beauty. How lucky am I that I get to see the ocean and bay every single day? The traffic may be a bummer, but being stuck watching breath-taking sunset scenes over the water is not the worst thing in the world.
<![CDATA[´╗┐Street Style]]>Fri, 14 Apr 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/street-styleSoutheast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Toyota”) provided me with compensation and use of a vehicle for a short period of time.
The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my own

When you live on South Beach, it's a sin not to take advantage of the year-round beautiful weather we are so fortunate to have. On a “Chamber of Commerce Day”, when the sun is out, the sky is blue and the temperature drops below 80°, the entire city can be found outside. The weather invites optimism and adventure. This is one of the many things I love about my city.
On one of these perfect weekends, I like to center my plans around the weather. Whatever I'm doing, wherever I am going, you can bet that the windows are rolled down and the sun roof is wide open for my “every-day-is-Sunday-drive”. There is truly nothing like the feeling you get when you're cruising down the street, jamming out to a great playlist, seemingly without a care in the world. I am lucky enough that I get to experience this euphoria regularly. When you drive a new 2017 Toyota Corolla around the heart of Miami Beach, it’s hard not to feel that way! On every corner there is something new to discover. Be it a coffee shop, an art-deco building or a festival happening on the sidewalks, Miami Beach is full of surprises and I love driving around to encounter these discoveries. 

One of the coolest things about the South Beach area are the hidden gems you will find on these mini-journeys. Looking for a great photo-op? Jump in your car with a friend or two and just explore. Last week, on our way to lunch, we stumbled upon a quiet little alley that, to my great amusement complimented my outfit and my car perfectly. With the palm trees in the background and a beautiful white canvas of buildings, we knew we had to capture this spot. If you don't happen to live in Miami, take some time to discover the hide-aways wherever you live. Allow yourself the pleasure of finding something new.  No matter where you wander, there is always the potential for adventure!
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The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my own

I'm always on the go, which is why it's so important to have a dependable and economical means of transportation that gets me quickly and safely from Point A to Point B.  When I was 16 years old, my parents gave me my first car - a black on black Toyota Corolla. From that moment, with that gift of freedom, driving became a huge part of my life. Beyond the freedom it provided, it also gave me my first taste of independence - and responsibility.  When I went away to college, my first Toyota took me to school, back home and, the occasional road trips. Today, my work schedule requires me having a vehicle that I can trust to keep me safe and on which I can depend to function without unwelcome surprises.  It must also withstand the Miami traffic and my non-stop schedule. I don't sit still for very long, always finding myself jumping in the car to go grab lunch, a coffee, work out, head to a meeting or appear at an event. The point? I spend a lot of time inside my car, which is why it is absolutely vital that I love what I am driving, inside and out.

The new 2017 Toyota Corolla has everything I need - and more. Not only is it cute, sleek and modern, it is super-comfy and comes fully equipped with Standard Toyota Safety Sense, a 7inch touch-screen display with a rockin' audio and navigation system, a gorgeous sporty interior and so much more. Through the years, every Toyota Corolla I drive keeps getting better and better.  The engineering is remarkable, details so well executed and the fun so there!  I am always impressed that so much car can be so affordable. As you've probably learned by now, style is essential to my daily routine, and it doesn't stop at my wardrobe. What I drive goes hand in hand with my fashion sense, so my go-to vehicle is and always will be the Toyota Corolla.
<![CDATA[My Miami Beach with Toyota]]>Wed, 05 Apr 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/my-miami-beach-with-toyotaSoutheast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Toyota”) provided me with compensation and use of a VEHICLE for a short period of time. ​
​The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my own.
It's Spring in Miami and during this glorious season, there is truly nothing better than hopping in a well engineered everything-at-your fingers beautiful car, rolling down your windows and blasting some music. For me, driving is a great form of therapy. After a long day or when I just need some air to help clear my head, I'll jump in my car and just take a drive. There are so many fun neighborhoods to explore all around South Beach, so it's a bonus when you have a car that helps you navigate your way through the city.

I've lived in Miami my whole life, and one of my favorite streets is Meridian Avenue.
​Part commercial (by Lincoln Road) and part tucked away in a residential area, the street is home to art deco apartments, lovely little gardens and true South Beach locals. It's quiet, yet close enough to the inviting neighborhood restaurants, bars and of course, the beach. Every time I find myself on Meridian Avenue, I feel a sense of peace. I love the vibe of the area and the beautiful well-maintained homes, albeit from a bygone era, that line each street. This past weekend, I escaped the Spring Break crowd and took my 2017 Toyota Corolla for a spin down Meridian, the perfect excuse to stop and enjoy the gorgeous day, my cute car and the incredible scenery.
Photos by Christine Michelle
​Dress: Nasty Gal, Shoes: ZARA
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If you've been following me on social media, then you are well aware of my beauty addiction.
I've always been into makeup. I started wearing my signature eye liner look at the young age of 15 and it's been a growing love affair ever since. With makeup, there is always something new to discover, especially in the age of influencers and social media. I get asked all of the time, "What's in your makeup bag?", "What products are your must haves?", "How do you afford all of the latest and greatest products?" It's hard to answer these questions because when it comes to makeup and beauty, the want for more is never ending. I find myself constantly watching Snapchat videos by my favorite Beauty Bloggers, scrolling through my Instagram feed to see the latest product I need to start saving up for, and I am always being inspired by other women and men who are updating their glam and sharing it online. I'm not going to lie and tell you that this habit is cheap. Makeup, especially good makeup, comes at a price. I am a huge believer in investing in certain products that are basically made for your skin type, but I have also found that there are drugstore products that are just as amazing. The real problem is, just when I think I've satisfied my craving, I soon realize that there is something new I must get my hands on.

This is where ProBeautyBuys comes in!
What is ProBeautyBuys, you ask? A website that sells professional beauty supplies for everyone at insanely low prices. When I was introduced to this company, I had my reservations. All of my favorite hair and makeup products were available at incredible deals, and this seemed way too good to be true. Of course, I had to check them out and I am so beyond thrilled to share that not only is this the real deal, but the website is easy to shop and this is most definitely going to become your new online go-to for all things beauty.

Today, I'm sharing pictures of a few of the products I was able to snag and try out.
​ Finally, the infamous GLAMGLOW masks are actually affordable, and definitely worth the hype. I was in need of my favorite NYX Cosmetics eye shadow palette and my every day hair care treatments, so I ordered them online at ProBeautyBuys and they were delivered to my door the next week!

You can check out all of my picks HERE and be sure to scroll down and see a few photos from my experience with ProBeautyBuys!
For an extra 25% off your entire order, use code PBBEMI at checkout! 
Photos by Christine Michelle
Shop my favorite products at Pro Beauty Buys and get 25% off at checkout with code PBBEMI
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Miami Music Week has come and gone, and let me tell you, I am so happy it's over.
 MMW is one of what seems like a constant march of major events during "season" in Miami.  During season, everyone makes their way to town. Don't get me wrong, it's great that the world loves Miami. With the crowds, there are perks that flow from being in Miami during this time of year. The music industry brings in some of the most talented and fun people, and big brands follow, putting together events, pop-up shops and parties. During the just past Miami Music Week, one of my favorite brands,
boohoo, made sure to get in on the fun, hosting an incredibly chic two day bungalow at the W South Beach.

On the Thursday and Friday of MMW, boohoo set up camp and introduced us all to their super-fun music lounge. In partnership with BMF Media and iHeart Media, and sponsors V-Moda and Deep Eddy Vodka, celebrities, artists and influencers were free to check out their dream closet and the rest of the set up. It was a nice little oasis in the middle of the craziness that is Miami Music Week. I loved getting to spend time with my friends, cooling off in the AC while enjoying live DJ sets and mingling with all of the guests. Scroll down to check out my photos from the visit.
Can't wait for your next visit to Miami, boohoo! Thanks for having me!
Shop boohoo HERE!
<![CDATA[High Tea at The St. Regis Bal Harbour]]>Fri, 24 Mar 2017 20:51:02 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/high-tea-at-the-st-regis-bal-harbour
In the delightful craziness that is my life, sometimes I just need to take a break. While I have no time for a vacation at the moment, sometimes escaping to paradise is necessary and, at The St. Regis Bal Harbour, it’s possible to “vacate” for just a few hours. Of course, the St. Regis is one of my favorite hotels in Miami, located on the ocean in my home town of Bal Harbour. The location alone can make one swoon. Now, beyond the location, service and facility, their High Tea at La Gourmandise provides yet another compelling reason to vacate. 

Americans have never been ones to take tea time, although, maybe it’s time to rethink our failure to embrace the practice. I have always appreciated European traditions. High tea is definitely one of them. When I feel like my mind is full and I simply cannot take on anymore, I force myself to take some "me-time," making my way to the St. Regis on Friday with my friend Jordan for a tea break. 

We made our way to La Gourmandise where we were welcomed with open arms and seated by the window for the ideal ocean view. Champagne was poured as we were introduced to the incredibly enchanting tea selection. After I chose the Mango Green Tea, we took one glance at the menu before realizing we just had to order the Bird Cage, the signature option for St. Regis High Tea. 

The Bird Cage is prepared by Executive pastry Chef Franck Steigerwald and the St. Regis culinary team, showcasing an indulgent variety of sweets, tea sandwiches and scones. The sweets are delivered in a gorgeous bird cage at the end, pictured below, and the whole experience is to die for.

 All in all, the entire high tea experience at the St. Regis is one not to be missed.
Escape the South Beach excitement and enjoy the calm luxury that is Bal Harbour, the St. Regis will most definitely steal your heart (and appetite) as it did mine. 
Photos by Jordan Braun
Dress: Forever 21, Bag: Coach

​Special Thank You to the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort
<![CDATA[Hair Extensions]]>Mon, 20 Feb 2017 17:20:08 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/hair-extensions
Growing up, I had always wanted hair extensions.
Like many teenage girls, I wanted to have Mary-Kate Olsen's long, hippie hair. Because extensions were so inaccessible to me at a young age, I decided instead just to grow my hair out until it touched my butt. Now, I look back and realize someone should have cut my hair off in my sleep. The point, however, since I was blessed with good hair, I grew out of my MK Olsen phase and lost the urge to try extensions out. Hair extensions fell off of my list of must-haves.

Even though my hair has always been cooperative, I do need to take care of it - especially because I regularly torture my long locks with heat tools. Recently, I was reminded of my childhood fascination with hair extensions when I was introduced to HotHeads Hair Extensions. That introduction dispelled my misperceptions that extensions were only for length, nothing more.

When I went into the HotHeads studio I learned that extensions offer much more than just added length. HotHeads Hair Extensions innovation, the band, was placed onto my head and I swear my view was changed. My full, shiny hair was taken to the next level in the easiest way possible. The band added volume, luster and fullness. I had no idea that a little volume, so easily worn and so natural appearing, could update my look so dramatically.

I was lucky enough to shoot the HotHeads Valentine's Day video and below I'm excited to share pictures from my experience. If you're looking for extensions made with real hair and that are easy to wear without any pain, I definitely suggest looking into HotHeads!
A special thank you to the team at HotHeads!